Company LEDAXO

Unternehmenssitz LEDAXO GmbH & Co. KG, Burgweintinger Straße 30, 93055 Regensburg, GermanyLEDAXO is an innovative enterprise in the LED lighting industry

At a background of a more than 30 years successfully operating family enterprise, LEDAXO is given a solid financial foundation for continuous growth.

LEDAXO is an internationally registered German brand for LED lighting products.


DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER (Association of German Family Enterprises)


LEDAXO mainly stands for …

  • consultancy for commercial big volume clients
  • cooperation with building & construction companies
  • cooperation with architects and light planning engineers
  • supplying wholesalers and importers


LEDAXO client target

LEDAXO should be the first choice to look at whenever commercial clients need …

… 1st class consultancy
… 1st class LED lighting solutions

for special lighting requirements in commercial facilities


Where is LEDAXO located ?

LEDAXO is based at Regensburg in the southern part of Germany (Bavaria)

LEDAXO in Europe 


Please feel free to contact us with your detail requirements.