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Unternehmenssitz LEDAXO GmbH & Co. KG, Burgweintinger Straße 30, 93055 Regensburg, GermanyLEDAXO is an innovative enterprise in the LED lighting industry

At a background of a more than 30 years successfully operating family enterprise, LEDAXO is given a solid financial foundation for continuous growth.

LEDAXO is an internationally registered German brand for LED lighting products.


DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER (Association of German Family Enterprises)


LEDAXO mainly stands for …

  • consultancy for commercial big volume clients
  • cooperation with building & construction companies
  • cooperation with architects and light planning engineers
  • supplying wholesalers and importers


LEDAXO client target

LEDAXO should be the first choice to look at whenever commercial clients need …

… 1st class consultancy
… 1st class LED lighting solutions

for special lighting requirements in commercial facilities


Where is LEDAXO located ?

LEDAXO is based at Regensburg in the southern part of Germany (Bavaria)

LEDAXO in Europe 



Product Range

LED High Bay Luminaires LED Down Luminaires LED Flood Light Luminaires
LEDAXO LED-Hallenleuchte 03 Kategoriebild LEDAXO LED-Einbau-Downlight 06 Kategoriebild Abbildung LEDAXO LED-Hallenstrahler-Außenstrahler 06 mit bis zu 32.692 Lumen bei 305 Watt


LED Trunking Systems
LED Area Luminaires
LED Track Luminaires
LEDAXO LED-Lichtband-Komplettsystem 04 für Einzel- oder Reihenmontage LEDAXO LED-Universalleuchte 05 mit über 100.000 Lumen bei 900 Watt LEDAXO LED-Stromschienenstrahler 11 Produktabbildung Modell SS-11-55 weiß


LED Wall Luminaires - outside
LED Tri-Proof Luminaires LED Pendant Luminaires
LEDAXO LED-Wandstrahler 06 Modell ST-06-80 mit 8.160 Lumen Katgorie main picture FL-11englisch  LEDAXO LED pendant light 04 PL-04 direct-indirect emitting LED pendant luminaire, screen-workstation-suitable UGR6


LED Floor Luminaires
LED Wall Luminaires - indoor
LED Ceiling Luminaires
 LEDAXO LED Floor Stand Light 03, 04 Detailed image direct-indirect emission, UGR 19  LEDAXO LED-Wandleuchte 10 eckig - Bildschirm-Arbeitsplatz-geeignet (UGR19)  LED ceiling lights indirect / direct emission UGR19


LED Wall & Ceiling Luminaires LED Panel Luminaires LED Recessed Luminaires
LEDAXO LED-Wand- und Deckenleuchte 09 rund Produktabbildung LEDAXO LED-Panel quadratisch Vorschauansicht LEDAXO LED-Einbaustrahler 12 mit hochwertiger und leistungsstarker Citizen LED-Lichtquelle



Please feel free to contact us with your detail requirements.

(more technical details currently on our German website www.ledaxo.de only) 

LEDAXO Logo English (klein) 

Burgweintinger Str. 30
93055 Regensburg

Phone +49 941 / 78371-90
Fax +49 941 / 78371-20


Matthias Röder
Managing Director – CEO