WiFi-ZigBee Light Control

WiFi-ZigBee Lichtsteuerung über Smartphone, Tablet oder PC

available for:

1 WiFi-ZigBee  gateway incl. operating manual, 1 controller per luminaire

System requirements:
installed iLightsIn App (for Android, iOS, PC) on user device

Attributes & Special Features:

  • Ideal for existing properties without existing control system, as no control line required
  • Flexible control of individual luminaires or lighting group
  • Simple integration of the individual luminaires with QR code
  • Flexible grouping and assignment of luminaires possible at any time
  • Control via smartphone, tablet or in-house PC (App available free of charge)
  • Integration of the gateway into the company network
  • Switch on / off, dimming, timer or sleep mode by pressing a button
  • Light control possible from anywhere (Internet connection required)
  • Flexibly expandale with wireless motion and brightness sensors, remote controls, e.g.



  • No cabling required for lighting control
  • Low initial cost, easy installation
  • Free app available for Android, iOS and Windows
    • Versatile functions via smartphone, tablet or PC controllable
      • Expandable with ZigBee-compatible motion and brightness sensors, remote control, e.g.

Technical information is subject to alterations

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